Riga Technical University

Riga Technical University (RTU) is a modern, internationally recognized and an only prestigious  multi-profile technical university in Latvia. RTU is purposefully developing in order to become a third generation type university providing not only high quality education services, but also excellent research work and innovation and technology thus putting scientific achievements into practice.

9 faculties of RTU offer comprehensive education in high technologies and engineering sciences, as well as in social and humanitarian sciences. Study programmes offered by RTU have been internationally appraised and officially accredited certifying the high quality of RTU education.  This fact is acknowledged by Latvian employers suggesting candidates to choose RTU as a primary establishment of higher education in Latvia.

RTU is purposefully developing its infrastructure by building the first student community in Latvia, in Ķipsala which, after completion of its construction works, is likely to become the most modern engineering study centre in the Baltics concentrating all faculties of RTU, a modern complex of laboratories, Scientific library and administrative buildings.