Latvian Sustainable Building Council

Nowadays a sustainable building or a structure  is a common standard and it is an integral part of each building.  It applies to buildings and structures in any phase of its lifecycle  and all construction stakeholders shall be familiar therewith.

Since 2012 the Latvian Sustainable Building Council (LSBC) is a member of the World Green Building Council. It represents 100 national green or sustainable construction councils with more than 27 000 members in all continents.

The Council has an increasing influence in building policy making throughout the world.  This influence results from a common strategy prepared by members for development of sustainable construction in own countries and exchange of experience, as well as active partnership in international construction related programmes and organisations. Thanks to initiative of its members, as well as support of the World Green Building Council the Latvian Sustainable Building Council is a non-profit organisation focused on making Latvian public aware of importance of sustainable construction.

LSBC invites you to join and become a member thereof thus getting involved in preparation of sustainable environment for next generations!