Latvian National Federation in Canada

LNFC is the central organization for Latvian-Canadians. The Federation represents Community interests at city, provincial and federal levels, maintains contact with other Canadian NGOs, and directly or indirectly, is involved in projects of mutual interest to Canada and Latvia.

LNFC’s goals are:

a) To represent, support and serve Canadians of Latvian descent or affiliation;
b) To support and promote the well being of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with universal democratic principles;
c) To promote the dissemination of accurate and relevant information about Latvians, the people and culture;
d) To promote active cooperation and dialogue between Latvia and Canada;
e) To provide financial support for the promotion of Latvian culture either directly or through like minded organisations;
f) To promote the spiritual, societal, material and cultural well-being of the Community;
g) To support and promote cooperation among Latvian organisations at home and abroad, and work closely with other multicultural communities.